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Emery Nail Files (Fragrance) Foot Files

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Most reliable and capable source in Korea of the dependable quality NEO Emery Buffers (quick shine Fabrics-patented), Emery Boards, Discs, and Foot Files,

Emery     Boards

Emery Boards
    Nail Buffer
  1. NB-4A 4ways nail buffer 155x18m/m
  2. NB-4B 4ways nail buffer 149x20m/m
  3. NB-4B 4ways nail buffer 149x20m/m
  4. NB-3A 4ways nail buffer 177x20m/m
  5. NB-3B 4ways nail buffer 115x12m/m
  6. NB-3C 4ways nail buffer 145x12m/m
  7. NB-3D 4ways nail buffer 145x15m/m
  8. NB-2 4ways nail buffer 145x15m/m

    Emery Board
  9. EB-D Dyed & cushioned 178x19m/m
  10. EB-G Garnet & cushioned 178x19m/m
  11. EB-Z Zebra color & cusioned 178x19m/m
  12. EB-F French file 178x19m/m
  13. EB-R Thick red cushioned 178x19m/m
  14. EB-S Solid color & cushioned 178x19m/m
  15. EB-W Zebra color & woodlined 178x19m/m

    Foot File
  16. FF-S Shoehorn shape 185x45m/m
  17. FF-Fold Foldable type 230x40m/m
  18. FF-Foot Foot shape 244x43m/m
  19. FF-R Round shape 242x45m/m